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Geist Montessori Pre-Kindergarten Board

  • Nick Wright – President
  • Uriah Ellis – Treasurer
  • Kirby Durham – At-Large Member

To contact the board for any reason, including greivances, please email: GMA.schoolboard@gmail.com

Calendar & Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are recorded for each public meeting held by the Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten Board. To view a current calendar of meeting times and the minutes from previous meetings, follow the links below.

Strategic Plan

In 2012, the Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten board of governers set out to open a pre-kindergarten that would provide Montessori education to the surrounding community. It is with pleasure that Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten serves all students regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation or ethnicity. Currently, the board of directors is developing a strategic plan for the school, which they hope will include the expansion of the school in size.

Governance Policies & Procedures

The board of governors for Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten was founded in 2012. At this time, the board of governors is in the process of creating policies and procedures specific to the governance of Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten. Currently, they follow Roberts Rules of Order to accomplish business on the school’s behalf.