North Campus:

13942 E 96th Street, McCordsville, IN 46055

South Campus:

6633 W. 900 North McCordsville, IN 46055

GMA School Board

Geist Montessori Academy is a tuition-free charter school, funded by the state of Indiana. Parents of children from anywhere in the state may complete an open enrollment form and enter a lottery for open slots in the school, held each December. Students of Geist Montessori Academy Pre-Kindergarten are entered into the lottery as well and their admission to Geist Montessori Academy is not guaranteed.

Geist Montessori Academy Board of Directors

  • Nick Wright – President
  • Uriah Ellis – Treasurer
  • Kirby Durham – At-Large Member
  • The GMA School Board is looking for volunteers. If you have interest in serving either on the Board or one of its Committees, please complete the attached form (GMA Board Nomination Form) and return it via email to: GMA.schoolboard@gmail.com

Calendar & Meeting Minutes

The Geist Montessori Academy Board of Directors meet once a month every third Tuesday evening (unless otherwise posted). For an up-to-date annual calendar, please check below links to our monthly meeting schedules. To review the monthly Board Minutes, please go to the following links: July 2016 Minutes ~ August 2016 Minutes ~ September 2016 Minutes ~ November 2016 Minutes ~ December 2016 Minutes ~ January 2017 Minutes ~ February 2017 Minutes ~ March 2017 Minutes ~ April 2017 Minutes ~ May 2017 Minutes ~ August 2017 Minutes ~ September 2017 Minutes ~ October 2017 Minutes ~ November 2017 Minutes ~ December 2017 Minutes ~ Lauth Presentation ~ January 2018 Minutes ~ February 2018 ~ March 2018 ~ April 2018 ~ May 2018 ~ July 2018 ~August 2018 ~ September 2018 ~ October 2018 ~ November 2018 ~ December 5, 2018 ~ December 18, 2018 ~ January 15, 2019 ~February 19, 2019 ~ March 2019 ~ April 2019 ~ May 2019 ~ June 2019 ~ July 2019

School Board Meeting Schedule 2016-2017

School Board Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

School Board Meeting Schedule 2018-2019

School Board Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

Strategic Plan

A new strategic plan is being developed for Geist Montessori Academy, as we transition into the new building in 2020!

Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of the Board to ensure that any constituent complaint related to operational matters be first directed in writing to appropriate school staff (classroom teacher, support staff, Executive Director, etc.) and that staff have the opportunity to respond. If that process has been exhausted and the matter remains unsettled or is considered unsatisfactory, the complaint may be directed in writing to the Board at the following address: GMA.schoolboard@gmail.com. Complaints with regard to a student’s IEP must be referred to the Special Education Team Lead, Gabbi Rothchild at grothchild@gma.k12.in.us.