North Campus:

13942 E 96th Street, McCordsville, IN 46055

South Campus:

6633 W. 900 North McCordsville, IN 46055

Our Staff

Logan Bonar – Co-Interim Executive Director – North Campus
Karen Swan – Co-Interim Executive Director – South Campus
Karinda Holland – Controller
Beth LaRock  – Administrative Assistant – North
Jane Deutsch – Administrative Assistant – South

Alex Diedrich – Lead Teacher
Tori Strohl – Classroom Assistant
Victoria Kortz – Lead Teacher
Justine Hayward – Classroom Assistant

Joni Heredia -Lead Teacher
Jennifer Reidy -Classroom Assistant
Ali Prassas -Lead Teacher
Braelynn Wing -Classroom Assistant
Angela Smith -Lead Teacher
Morgan Bitz -Classroom Assistant
Meagan Messuri -Lead Teacher
Bruce Bubenzer -Classroom Assistant
Natalie Bonar -Lead Teacher
Emily Hout -Classroom Assistant

Abby Davis -Lead Teacher
-Classroom Assistant
Verena Burrows -Lead Teacher
Michelle Leifel -Classroom Assistant
Deb Edwards -Lead Teacher
Miranda Hancock -Classroom Assistant
Leslie Gray -Lead Teacher
Alex Kitazuka -Classroom Assistant

Angela Towse -Lead Teacher

Karen Cavanagh -Lead Teacher

 -Classroom Assistant

Jill Zapf-Resource Teacher North

Michael Skiles-School Counselor

Sara Myrvold-Speech Therapist

Nikki Shay-Occupational Therapist

Mare Pasley– Resource Assistant

Kim Bui– Resource Assistant

Stephanie Edwards– Resource Assistant

Susan Zachary– Resource Assistant

Taylor Mabius- Resource Assistant

Gabbi Rothchild– Resource Teacher South

Gabby Burklow– Resource Assistant

Daniela Valdovinos– Resource Assistant

Ella Martin – Resource Assistant

Cameron Hession -Music Teacher
Lydia Lockwood -PE/Art Teacher





Karen Swan -Lead Teacher

Teresa Alderton– Lead Teacher
Ryan Haille -Classroom Assistant
Stephani Emerick -Classroom Assistant

Kayla Hedrington – Classroom Assistant






Geist Montessori Academy is a school with two campuses. The North Campus is located on 96th Street and houses Kindergarten, Upper Elementary and Middle School classes. The South Campus, located on 900 North, houses the Pre-Kindergarten and Lower Elementary.