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Notification from: Geist Montessori Academy

Dear GMA School Family,

Though time and space may temporarily separate us at Geist Montessori Academy, we are still one: a strong and supportive school family, better together. We are so grateful for you, and thank you for doing your part to keep our school community connected and healthy.

Being a Montessori school, we already view school as an extension of the home, where learning is seamless and all around us. During this transition period of being physically separated from one another, the beautiful learning that naturally occurs wherever we are is being reinforced, solidifying the bridge of learning from home, school, and beyond.

GMA is a community of care, so please have your children think of ways to care for one another within the home, while also being mindful of those who may be alone or lonely. Applying their learning in a variety of modes to bring light to others in need is a delightful way to show our outreach and care for others. A few examples of this include: recording songs or videos, creating movies, writing poems, or making pictures/cards and sending them to hospitals, nursing homes, military facilities, friends, or other health facilities that are guest restricted. Staying connected with faraway loved ones is another way to extend that care and comfort on a regular basis. There are endless opportunities awaiting our students to share their gifts and talents over this continuous learning period of time.

In addition, we are so much better together, so please help your child see the interconnectedness of our miraculous world which unfolds in our backyards: the birds, animals, plants, and weather. For example, your family can investigate the new sprouts that you notice on a walk, the sounds that you hear when you open a window, the beauty in the moment. Children can get inspiration from nature and notice symmetry, patterns, and make connections to inventions that were based on these noticings. For instance, how many inventions are related to the wings of birds? What ideas can they generate based on their own outside observations and insights? How can they share their learning? What can they create? What are some ways that your families’ unique gifts and talents can be used today to bring light to others?

During this time apart, we hope that you are able to enjoy the little things, the moments we are often too busy to notice. We are wishing you and your loved ones the joy of the moment and the gift of time together. Maybe create gratitude journals, revisit some old board/card games, crafts, bike riding, nature walks, or cooking.

We realize that each family is so different, with varying circumstances, challenges and strengths, and we are here to support you all along the way! Please be assured that your child’s teacher and teaching assistant will be supporting your child on a daily basis. The learning continues as we engage children with experiences that complement the planned learning program and help them stay connected with teachers and classmates. These learning experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills. They emphasize interaction and creativity and involve a balance of traditional and digital tasks that help connect to previous learning and the current curriculum. For more information about the guidelines of our continuous learning program, please visit: Better Together Continuous Learning Plan, Geist Montessori Academy

I wish you peace as we embrace this new journey together.  May you witness the growth and blossoms of your child’s inquiry, perseverance, and passions.


Cindy Schuler

Executive Director

Geist Montessori Academy

(317) 813-4626 cschuler@gma.k12.in.us

Of all things, love is the most potent.

-Maria Montessori