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Where children grow socially, intellectually, and ethically in the Montessori environment.

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Geist Montessori Academy

We are more than just a school — we are a community working together for the future of each child.


Geist Montessori Academy provides an academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally rich educational environment that allows children to explore using their natural curiosity and become lifelong learners in the process. Academics are infused with character building and community awareness to develop the whole-child and prepare our students for life.

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The Montessori Method is based on years of patient observation of the nature of children and has proved itself of universal application. Schools all over the world have adopted this way of teaching successfully. The method is based on the child’s imperious need to learn by doing and has a profound respect for the child’s personality. It enables the teacher to work with each child individually and/or in small groups in each content area.

At Geist Montessori Academy instruction is individualized to meet the needs of each learner.  Our lead teachers provide small group lessons for students based on the academic needs of each individual.  Our students learn to be self-directed to work independently and manage their time effectively.  This allows students to move through content at a pace that is appropriate for them – some at an accelerated pace and others at a pace that takes a bit more time.

We encourage each student to enjoy “freedom with responsibility” as they  move around the classroom. Learning can occur spontaneously and individually or with a small group of friends. The child is not asked to perform at the level of his or her peers and the child’s peers are not asked to perform at his or her level. Thus, the child is freed to develop and learn things wholly, instead of too quickly or too slowly.

The Montessori Method has revealed the young child as a lover of work – intellectual work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with immense joy. The child, at the age of three-years-old, begins this work using hands-on materials. The child’s journey is continued throughout the years, instilling a lifelong love of learning, not hindered by rote memorization and meaningless repetition.

The Montessori Method is based upon a profound respect for the child and his or her personality. The individual treatment of each child begets harmony and rids the child of the struggle so often associated with competition. Feelings of inferiority are absent from the Montessori classroom, allowing endless opportunities for mutual help to be peacefully exchanged by peers and teachers alike.

The Montessori method embraces and develops the whole child, not just their intellectual faculties. Hands-on practical life activities such as knitting, woodworking, gardening and doing dishes nurture a child’s self-direction and discipline. These activities increase a child’s ability to focus for long periods of time and continue tasks precisely until completed. These skills are then easily applied by the child in their learning.





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